Can someone tell me what this means please?

Answer HaHaI've noticed that nobody is answering this question. It's just because nobody knows what the answer is. I think it means that there is someone who wants "authorized" financial aid. I looked ... Read More »

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Can someone please tell me what this symptom means?

Can you give a few more details. Like what type of work do you do? It could be strained from say heavy lifting repetitive motion. Is it your entire left side or your back?? The reason I ask my enti... Read More »

Can somebody PLEASE tell me what this means. please.?

Can someone please tell me if I can use this train?

You may catch that train because you're going further than Long Buckby.

Can someone please tell me if this is a good deal?

Yes that's a very good deal. You needn't worry about any tickets for public transport. It would be so annoying to get a ticket every time you take a street car. They're expensive and the ticket ins... Read More »