Can someone tell me what spoilers are?

Answer Spoilers are experts from the real boom or story, that you may not know of yet. This is to tell you that if you have not read the book or story but plan to, but don't want to ruin it, to not read t... Read More »

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~~ Can you tell me a song about missing someone OR loosing someone , you loved?

Ooooo Mizz♥DizzGreat Garth Brooks song which i know your Sis loved.Mine? one of the best saddest/haunting songs is the one i have posted on my profile…Et... Read More »

Can someone tell me what is happening?

You have started your period. You should put a pad on your undies to stop the blood leaking through to your pants. Ask your mum about pads and let her know you have started your period. The cramps ... Read More »

Can someone tell me what a blu ray disc is?

The difference between a dvd, hdvd, cd and blue rays are merely technical. It is all about the laser and how the information is stored and maybe the material used to make the disk. A dvd uses a red... Read More »

Can someone tell me what is facebook?

It is a little easier to use than Myspace and much less cluttered, it's better for close friends and relatives ect, also much easier to find people you haven't seen in years. One downfall is peopl... Read More »