Can someone tell me what potassium is?

Answer a normal diet usually has enough potassium for a human to be healthy. many foods have potassium in them. potassium levels are only abnormal is someone has a medical disorder or disease. however, on... Read More »

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What will help leg cramps I heard Potassium. What foods have potassium?

My potassium is to high how do i get it to a normal stat, and what causes high potassium in body?

The kidneys normally excrete excess potassium from the body. Therefore, most cases of hyperkalemia are caused by disorders that reduce the kidneys' ability to excrete potassium.There are no at-home... Read More »

~~ Can you tell me a song about missing someone OR loosing someone , you loved?

Ooooo Mizz♥DizzGreat Garth Brooks song which i know your Sis loved.Mine? one of the best saddest/haunting songs is the one i have posted on my profile…Et... Read More »

Can someone tell me what a blu ray disc is?

The difference between a dvd, hdvd, cd and blue rays are merely technical. It is all about the laser and how the information is stored and maybe the material used to make the disk. A dvd uses a red... Read More »