Can someone tell me what is facebook?

Answer It is a little easier to use than Myspace and much less cluttered, it's better for close friends and relatives ect, also much easier to find people you haven't seen in years. One downfall is peopl... Read More »

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How to tell if someone has viewed my Facebook?

those apps dont work - the apps just pick a few of your friends randomlythere is no way to know this

How to Tell If You Deleted Someone by Accident on Facebook?

Facebook allows users to connect with friends, co-workers, family and other acquaintances. These Facebook friends can be sorted and arranged into groups that are only visible to the user who create... Read More »

Can someone tell me how or where to go to delete my account facebook as well thank you?

Why would ya want to do that? Don't leave , you are well liked so stay have some fun

Can someone tell if I've been looking at their facebook profile/photos?

no, they cantif they added you it was probably for some other reason, like having mutual friends, or one of the friends you told also told the person you were looking atany app that claims to be ab... Read More »