Can someone tell me how to make stir fry?

Answer 1 tbsp honey 1½ tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp curry powder 1½ tbsp vegetable oil 1 lb vegetables1 lb chicken breast, sliced or cubed Mix honey, soy sauce and curry powder in bowl. Heat oil in a large fryi... Read More »

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How to Make Someone Tell the Truth?

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How do you tell someone they make you uncomfortable?

It really depends on what the person is doing to make you feel uncomfortabe. . If you don't feel you can talk to the person confide in someone you trust to find out he best way to handle the situat... Read More »

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Can someone make this cheetah print for me! or atleast tell me how! ?

A good and FREE graphic editor is The GIMP: With that, you can do many things with graphic images, especially if you install the many Plug-Ins that are available arou... Read More »