Can someone tell me how to log onto the internet?

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Can someone still tell what you've been viewing on the internet even if you delete the internet history?

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I am trying to download songs onto my Mortorolla cell phone. Can someone tell me how to do this?

connect to your PC using usb cord then program well prompt open then make a folder and drag song you may have in folder when finish dragging song go to cell phone and open folder that was made son... Read More »

How can i tell if someone is stealing my internet?

Not always, some routers have different IP addresses. But definatly easiest to look through your router settings and see who all is connected to it. The DHCP request should stay on your... Read More »

Can someone tell I'm connected to the wireless internet?

Yes he could find out by typing in the Routers IP address in to your Web Browser. Usally your routers IP is and if everything is default your User Name and Password will be admin. Try t... Read More »