Can someone tell me how to install Windows XP on my PC?

Answer first you should go into BIOS. the computer will tell you how when you start it on the screen before the windows loading screen by saying something like "hit DELETE to enter BIOS". then you can cha... Read More »

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Can someone tell me why I loose my Windows Side bar! Right now I can't access my Stuff to listen to a CD or ge?

does it come back when you move the cursor to the side ? if so, move the cursor to the side, when it shows up right click and choose options. one of those should be to auto hide. unclick that.... Read More »

Can someone tell me what options are available on "change advanced sharing settings," in windows vista?

Here's how to set the items to allow your computer to share its resources on the network:Network Discovery: Choose the option Turn On Network Discovery. This option ensures that your computer will ... Read More »

Why must I constantly install Windows security updates Is someone really that interested in hacking my porn?

It is important that you keep all of your porn sites secure, especially the ones that feature nuns with donkeys. Terrorists are always looking for ways to hack into our nation's porn site network a... Read More »

I tried calling Microsoft support to install Windows 8 and they tell me to go to which is a scam?

What number did you call?Microsoft Tech Support: 1-800-936-5700.