Can someone tell me how many calories would be in this sushi order?

Answer Hey Skylar,I'm not sure why you think you need to worry about calories, ur super skinny. I guess that's how you stay that way tho. :)Try this site out.…

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How many calories would be in this pizza?

Mm it really doesn't matter because even if you eat too much healthy foods you could gain weight.. I've stayed thin and still am by watching my portions.. Alittle tip; 3 pieces of the thick crust i... Read More »

Can some one please tell me what type of sushi this is in this pic?

Can someone tell you the CIA ranks in order?

How many kegel exercises should I do a day in order to burn 500 extra calories?

I would think it would take enough to make it like trying to put your finger in a button hole, probably at least 3 hours worth, or till you can't pull the silver bullet out, whichever comes first.