Can someone tell me about homeopathy?

Answer It's effect can only be a placebo effect. Herbs are crude drugs, most are untested for safety, effectiveness and potency. They are different than homeopathic remedies because they have active ingre... Read More »

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~~ Can you tell me a song about missing someone OR loosing someone , you loved?

Ooooo Mizz♥DizzGreat Garth Brooks song which i know your Sis loved.Mine? one of the best saddest/haunting songs is the one i have posted on my profile…Et... Read More »

How do you tell someone about abuse?

This can be very frightening. Sometimes when people are abused they feel like the abuse is their fault. Sometimes they feel like if they tell someone about the abuse, it will get worse--abusers som... Read More »

Can Someone tell me about SAS Agency.?

SAS Agency is awesome I have a friend of mine who recently signed with sas agency Shes trying to get some of her friends in for an audition but its not easy to get in for an appointment.

Can someone tell me about a root canal?

A root canal does not hurt. They do numb you first! =)