Can someone take my bankruptcy papers to the court for me?

Answer An attorney or trustee authorized to act on your behalf may file your bankruptcy papers for you. Rules prohibit a petition preparer who is not an attorney from helping with bankruptcy court or acc... Read More »

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What court do you take divorce papers to?

State court systems have various courts for handling divorce proceedings. In Massachusetts, for instance, divorce papers must be filed at the Probate Court in the county where the person lives. In ... Read More »

How would you serve someone court papers who lives out of state in a child custody case?

I have to do the same thing.. what you need to do is look up on the internet and find out what county they live in... then look up the phone number for the county sheriff... they will be more than ... Read More »

How Do I Take Someone to Small Claims Court in Chicago?

Taking someone to small claims court maybe the only way to rectify a money situation. Any individual or business can sue someone in small claims court. However, in the city of Chicago to file a sma... Read More »

Is it realistic to take someone to small claims court for damages in an auto accident?

%DETAILS% Answer If there is insurance coverage on the at fault vehicle, there should be no reason to file small claims. If the at-fault party does not have insurance, then small claims is an option.