Can someone suggest where I can get a $40 coupon for the converter box.?

Answer Hi there. A nice site to go to to request your coupons and place an order for your boxes is www.convertmy.tvIt's real cool, you like just do a 2 step process and the coupons and boxes that you nee... Read More »

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Where can I get coupons to extreme coupon I need some free coupon sites if anybody knows of good free coupon?

Try to get coupons to extreme coupon

How do you get the $40 coupon for the HD converter box?

go to the website of the news channel that you saw the news clip on and it should have a link to a siteactually I found a place that states what the application process is Read More »

You know that Tv converter coupon........?

Like others have said it's free. They are the same size and material as a credit card and I had to sign some fancy digital screen (might just be Wal-Mart). Also I got a RCA DTA800 converter box and... Read More »

Can anyone suggest where I could find someone who paints murals on interior walls?

May I suggest you visit your local Art College. I am sure there are a few top class would be artists who would be keen to do the work for you free as long as you let the person(s) take some pics o... Read More »