Can someone still get HIV when using a condom?

Answer No, it is highly unlikely. While some speculate that diseases can still be transmitted during sexual intercourse with a condom, this argument has been disproven by many studies. Oral sex does carry... Read More »

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Should you still use a condom if you want to get pregnant?

Answer I assume your concern is with STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). If you are trying to get pregnant and are in a monogamous relationship, then I would suggest that both you and your part... Read More »

How many times can a condom be used and still work?

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What if you had sex and the condom broke but no sperm came out can you still get pregnant?

Answer It is definitely possible, but unlikely. But you should probably make sure that you're using the condom properly: not to open it w... Read More »

Can you still get pregnant when using condoms?

wait and test First of all, nothing but abstinence can gurantee you wont be getting pregnant. Secondly, worrying and stressing can make you late, try to not think about it. What you should do is wa... Read More »