Can someone "steal" your internet?

Answer Yeah, our nextdoor neighbour used our wireless thingy so we got a password put on it, which meant I couldn't connect with my DS or iPod so we changed to having no password again and just put up wit... Read More »

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Can someone steal your internet from your phone?

no, if you phone is on the 3G or connected to a Wifi. anyone can steal you internet if you an unlocked wifi code but not from phones as it isnt a wireless router

How can I tell if someone is or is trying to steal my wireless internet.?

Easiest way is to simply login to your wireless router and look at what computers are connected to it. If you have not already done so, setup the following: - Change the default password on the rou... Read More »

Is it illegal for someone to steal my wireless signal for internet.?

Using a neighbor's wireless access point may not be legal even with their permission. The answer varies depending on the policies of residential Internet service providers and plans among other fac... Read More »

How do you tell someone you know they steal your stuff?

Youngun's, no sense of justice or self reliance. In my much younger days had a few problems with bullies and petty thieves, found that sending them to hospital with holes in body stopped most other... Read More »