Can someone spend the loan money they get for college on rent,food etc?

Answer The previous poster is correct. You can spend student loan for anything. It is a loan that you have to repay. It is never a good idea to take loan for your food and rent. Why can you work part time... Read More »

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I applied for signature loan and got approved they sent me paperwork for disability insurance I signed and returned it. They deposited the money into my account but now they want me to sign the loan?

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Can someone tell me of a good student loan lender that will not send money to college.?

There are 2 ways to go about what you are looking for. It is my understanding from this question, you are looking for loan money to live off of, pay bills, etc, and not apply direct toward cost of... Read More »

How much can I get from a student loan and can I spend this money on transportation to school?

Hi.I am Love Presley from Birmingham 204 blue ridge villa drive and i saw your question about needing a loan, In the internet they are a lot of scams out there. I decided to answer your question to... Read More »

Is berkeley college a worth of money spend?

Yes, There are a lot of benefits to being a Berkeley College student like, graduating in three years instead of four for a bachelors degree. Your on-the-job internship will give you more experience... Read More »