Can someone smoke all his life and still not get lung cancer ?

Answer Yes, just as people who NEVER smoke CAN get lung cancer.

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If you dont inhale cigar smoke but keep it in your lungs, can you still get lung cancer?

If it is in your lungs, then you have inhaled it. And you can get lung cancer either way.

Can i get lung cancer if i smoke weed?

Why don't you just not smoke it? Not only is it bad for your body...You can go to JAIL!! OMG!! WHO KNEW??

What are my chances of getting lung cancer if I smoke?

It's very hard to give an accurate impression because nobody can be really sure about how many people smoke.

Can I get lung cancer from second or thirdhand smoke?

I don't think you will get lung cancer if he smokes outside, away from you. If he smokes like next to you and you sometimes inhale the smoke then there is a possibly a chance of cancer. I dont thi... Read More »