Can someone ship to Army basic training with a DD Form 372?

Answer According to Department of Defense Instruction 1304.2, the DD Form 372 (Application for Verification of Birth for Official U.S. Armed Forces Use Only) is a valid form that can be used by any of the... Read More »

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Can you send cookies to someone in the army national guard basic training?

There is no Army National Guard Basic Training - they all go to Army BCT or OSUT. That being said, you can send them - that part isn't an issue. Whether they're allowed to actually have the cookies... Read More »

You have completed Marine Basic Training Do you have to complete army as well to re enlist in the army?

No, you do not. The Marines is the only branch of Service that the US Army accepts people without going through any form of introduction training.

How much is the basic training pay for an E-2 in the Army?

E-2, the rank one receives after completing basic training, comes with a basic pay of $1622.10 per month in 2010, according to Military Factory. This does not include benefits such as medical and a... Read More »

How long is the US Army basic training?

BCT (Basic Combat Training), also referred to as Basic Training or Boot Camp, last for nine weeks.After basic you will move on to job training/AIT (advanced individual training)