Can someone see you look at their profile from a smartphone?

Answer Nopee

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I unfriended someone in facebook and now I can not see their public profile.?

Even adults play that game? Ridiculous. Why waste your time??

Can people see if I look at their profile on facebook :/ Sort of worrying a bit x?

Noo.. Not a single way.. there are apps out there which say that check who viewed your profile but none of them works.. So he will never get tto know 'bout thatt....

On do people know if someone specific visited their profile?

No. They have that "anti-stalking" application but that doesn't work. It's only there as a scare tactic type thing. See if you go on someone's page (say Bob Smith's page) and they have that appl... Read More »

Can someone tell if I've been looking at their facebook profile/photos?

no, they cantif they added you it was probably for some other reason, like having mutual friends, or one of the friends you told also told the person you were looking atany app that claims to be ab... Read More »