Can someone review my strength training diet plan for me?

Answer "My question is, is this diet going to hinder my muscle building?"Since you're already seeing results, I wouldn't worry about it right now. If you start to see a plateau, you'll usually want to adj... Read More »

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What is a good diet plan Or can someone give me a website, with one?

Can someone help me reach my goal by giving me a specific workout and diet plan?

1. Start exercising! You need to exercise EVERY day! I highly suggest a video workout called p90x. It is very popular. If you use it you need to mainly do:Core, abs, yoga, kenpo and cardio. The res... Read More »

Strength Training?

In today's society everyone obsesses about losing weight and eating more healthfully, but few realize the benefits of regular strength training. The Mayo Clinic, in the article "Strength Train: Get... Read More »

Is this beginners strength plan ok?

that should be okay to start with but for strength building sets of around 6 with a higher weight is better, although i do like to rotate that with an endurance session (good endurance helps you to... Read More »