Can someone recommend some good dvd rip software?

Answer the best free dvd ripping tool as decribed in life hacker is in following link just copy copy everything inside the VIDEO_TS folder inside ... Read More »

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Could someone recommend some good sugar free snack food?

You really mean low carb not sugar free.Peperoni and cheese.Celery and PB.A piece of fruit.A yogurt .Veggies with a dip .A lobster .A fish .Nuts and seeds.SF Jello. SF pudding .

Any good tracking software to recommend?

Hi! I would recommend you to try on Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software. It's an easy to use inventory tracking software which can track your inventory in details. You can utilize their Inventory... Read More »

Can someone recommend some funny youtube videos?

The funniest videos on youtube are the ones made my ryan higa....on the youtube search bar type in NIGAHIGAit will show all of his videos...dont forget all of his rants too....the funniest ones are... Read More »

Can someone recommend me some Italian movies please?

"Le conseguenze dell'amore" (the consequences of love) by Paolo Sorrentino…"L'amico di famiglia" (the family friend) by... Read More »