Can someone recommend a vacuum-tube CD player?

Answer Hi.The other posters seem surprised that there are valve CD Players. They have been around for some time.The Shenda Audio Vacuum Tube Reference CD Player SD 100. is a very good machine. They are pa... Read More »

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What do you have to edit to have a You Tube video fill up the entire You Tube player screen?

YouTube likes widescreen video, so make sure your videos are 16:9

What is a vacuum tube?

Vacuum tubes were the predecessors of transistors--essentially, high-voltage amplification devices that made many of technological advances possible. New technologies--some involving microwaves--ar... Read More »

What Is a Vacuum Tube System?

A vacuum tube or pneumatic tube system refers to a method of transporting items along a system of enclosed pipes by the flow and varying pressure of air. This type of system works well in moving cl... Read More »

Who invented the vacuum tube?

While perfecting the light bulb in 1883, Thomas Edison accidentally discovered electric current can travel through a vacuum without the assistance of wire, according to the Public Broadcasting Serv... Read More »