Can someone recommend a good graphics card?

Answer In that price range, your best option is a GeForce GT 620:…Next-best would a GeForce GT 520 or Radeon HD 6450:…h... Read More »

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What is more important to a gamer for high graphics games a good graphics card or a good processor?

The most important by far is a good graphics card. Granted you need a decent CPU to play cutting-edge games, but your GPU accounts for roughly 75% of gaming performance. You get twice the fps wit... Read More »

Recommend me a Graphics Card?

Its not a matter of what gpu it really depends on your psu wattage. If its 500 watts get a gtx 550 ti. If its more gtx 560 ti.

What graphics card do you recommend?

The AMD 6850 or 6870 come to mind... :)~Cindy! :)..

What Graphics Card Would You Recommend For My Budget?

YESBuy the GTX660 Ti, a much better card than the non-Ti version.As far as brands, EVGA and ZOTAC are the best nVidia card manufacturers.$280 ($260 after rebate) for GIGABYTE GV-N66TOC-2GD GeForce ... Read More »