Can someone put money into my PayPal account?

Answer Yes, you can receive payments to your PayPal account from anyone who knows your PayPal-associated email address. You can also request money from specific individuals if you know their email address... Read More »

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Can PayPal Take Money From Your Checking Account After You Close the PayPal Account?

Numerous online functions require you to agree with term and conditions. Many times a box opens with the item you are agreeing to and sometimes a link is offered for you to review. When opening a P... Read More »

How do i get money off of my paypal account?

Create a Link to Your Bank AccountAfter logging onto your Paypal account, click on the "Profile" button, then on the "Bank Account" button. Click on "Add Bank." Enter your bank routing number and y... Read More »

How do i transfer money to a paypal account?

Login to your PayPal account. Go to and type your email address and PayPal password, then click on the "Log In" button. Click on the "Add Funds" tab on our PayPal account page. Click on ... Read More »

Does my money have to stay in my PayPal account?

On One Hand: Transfers and WithdrawalsPayPal offers several options for retrieval or use of account funds, so the money doesn't have to remain with PayPal. Money may be transferred to another indi... Read More »