Can someone please help me with my stupid camera?

Answer Your best bet with a digital camera is to invest in some good rechargeable batteries.Second, go through the manual thoroughly, or visit the manufacturer's website. I bought Olympus cameras for my k... Read More »

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Ok, stupid digital camera question....?

Before we start making guesses, how about you tell us what brand it is and what model number.The flash symbol is supposed to be self evident.

Why does my stupid memory card do this or camera D:<?

Hi K Dog,The reason that you cannot get that to work is because cameras use proprietary (private/undocumented) operating systems to process the images on their cameras. When you move the file to a... Read More »

Stupid digital camera batteries?

There is one thing about digital cameras that people don't realize (or often know about): Even with the camera off they will slowly drain the batteries. The processor in the camera is always using ... Read More »

Do you think the idea of buying a polaroid camera is stupid?

polaroid is expensivedigital camera is better