Can someone please help me with my stupid camera?

Answer Your best bet with a digital camera is to invest in some good rechargeable batteries.Second, go through the manual thoroughly, or visit the manufacturer's website. I bought Olympus cameras for my k... Read More »

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Can someone please help me with 35mm camera questions?

Hey, Robbie. It's great to see young 'uns looking into film cameras! You're doing the right thing too. And it's not just the pixel count equivalent that makes film kick digital's ****. The colo... Read More »

Can someone please explain to me why GoPro is so popular It's only an ordinary camera in a stupid case?

GoPro cameras are small, light weight, feature loaded, and are designed to be put under extreme conditions. They are mostly popular amongst the sport film crowd because if you were say snow boardin... Read More »

Please help me with my stupid printer?

nice picture is that you? anyways if this is somewhat new it might be still under the 90 day warranty for replacement. usually if one side moves and the other side doesn't, one of the internal gear... Read More »

Why the hell do people get mad and answer in a rude and stupid way when it comes to help with a camera?

Because...sometimes we get extremely frustrated by constant, repetitive and inane questions from some people. Like..."How do I turn the flash On/Off on my camera?" or"How do I charge by camera batt... Read More »