Can someone please help me trace this number?

Answer I suggest you call your phone company or look into phone number blacklisting. To my knowledge, most phone nowadays have a blacklist of the numbers you won't respond too. Or call your phone company/... Read More »

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Could someone please help with this Q please....thanks?

It doesn't sound like an illness to me, it sounds like simple problems with sleeping patterns and quality of sleep - such as if your bed was in need of replacing or you have something worrying you.... Read More »

Can someone please help me wih this?

Do you watch TV, play on your phone, or play on your computer up until right before you go to sleep? In doing this your mind is still stimulated instead of going into relaxation mode. Try engaging ... Read More »

Can someone please help me with this?

No, unless you have a really odd answering machine. You could always test it just to be sure, if you really wished to see; leave your music blaring and then call your home from your cell phone, and... Read More »

I'm so lost on this new All My Children, someone help please!?

The Last we saw of Kendall, she was teaming with the Gang meaning her, Greenlee,Ryan and Zack to take down David Haywood. they created a plan where they trick him. and got his Confession in the... Read More »