Can someone please help me get motivated to clean!?

Answer Here are a few tips... maybe one will work for you:+ Play your music loud on the stereo while you clean+ Use the Mount Burn'in method... find one small part of one room (usually the first thing you... Read More »

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How do I get motivated to clean my room?

in addition to the great music idea, set the kitchen timer (or cell phone timer or watch timer) for 5 minutes (or 2 or 3) then race to see how much you can do in that 2 minutes (how many clothes yo... Read More »

How can i get motivated to clean my home please read?

Start with one room or area...when you have that clean take a break or wait until the next day.... Any large task isn't so bad when you break it for me..

How to Get Motivated to Clean Your Room (for Kids)?

Do you quickly get bored while cleaning your room? Are you quickly distracted? Or do you not even bother to start? Here are a few suggestions, mainly for kids, but good advice for everyone else as ... Read More »

I hoard things, how do I get motivated to clean and organize my own cluttered one bedroom apt.?

I would get a big black trash bag and put everything in there that you think you could live without. Store it somewhere (either under a bed, back of closet or in a friends garage). Then after abo... Read More »