Can someone please help me I am?

Answer The old office outlet had this function, but the person receiving it had to ok this procedure. And if they said no then you wouldn't know.

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Could someone please help with this Q please....thanks?

It doesn't sound like an illness to me, it sounds like simple problems with sleeping patterns and quality of sleep - such as if your bed was in need of replacing or you have something worrying you.... Read More »

What to do Someone help me please please please!?

i think you should go to a doctor you may be anemic or anorexic

IPOD help!!!!!!!!!!! God it sucks....someone help me....please?

LMAO !!! Sorry, it's not that funny. Happens to me all the time. I have to walk away from the computer sometimes or that thing would end up with a boot through the screen.

Can someone please help me :( please?

I'm sorry you feel like this. I get a little scared when people in my house have a flu. But not that much. Have u had a traumatic experience with something like this? I think you ought to see a do... Read More »