Can someone please help i am soooo confused !!!?

Answer Ok....there seems to be a difference of opinion here which, considering it's a mac / pc question, is understandable.My advice is go for PC. As far as quality of output is concerned the difference... Read More »

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I am soooo cold please help?

Call 911. Be sure and tell them how your sister has imprisoned you.

I'm soooo confused about niall?

Just rumors.. In interviews, they've denied it. It's r. It's r. It's r. It's r. It's r. It's r.*how many r's are there?*SIX!* can I get an address?*23 House Street.* 23 house?*NO! 23 MOUSE!*23 mous... Read More »

How to get CPI video files to MTS I'm so confused, please PLEASE help!?

The CPI file contains things like date and time information - you don't need it. If you can use the MTS files then that's all you need.

Please help, i am very confused and i need help asap thanx?

I don't know the exact rules here in Virginia. But most probably you get a learner permit and permission to drive for about 40 days or more then you give test and get your licence.