Can someone please give me a great recipe for Pancakes......?

Answer Best Pancake Recipe EverSeveral hours/night before: Soften 3 tablespoons (a little less than half a stick) of unsalted butter1Start by separating 3 eggs (you can use something like this if you don'... Read More »

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Which soup is the best for seasonal Cold Can someone please give me your tried & tested recipe for?

This is an oil-free, all fresh and natural minestrone/soup recipe. Sour, a little spicy and slow cooked to seal in the nutrients. My measurement system is rather casual, so please bear with me!1) ... Read More »

Can someone give me a simple recipe for this beef?

Bottom round steak is a thin cut of meat, it would be best to pan fry. maybe with some steak seasonings mushrooms and onions or salt n pepper. dont forget to let it rest for a few minutes after coo... Read More »

Can someone give me Recipe for eggless cinnamon cookies?

Here are two recipe for Cinnamon Sugar cookies that don't use eggs. The first recipe would be more sweet than the second.Cinnamon Sugar CookiesYield: 5 dozen (60 cookies)The dough in this recipe mu... Read More »

Can Someone Give Me An Indian Or Pakistani Rice Recipe?

Traditional Chicken Biryani recipeServe 4Ingredients:2 tablespoons warm milk1/8 teaspoon saffron threads, crumbled3 tablespoons vegetable oil6 white or green cardamom pods1 cinnamon stick, broken1 ... Read More »