Can someone make these two videos have better higher quality?

Answer [without seeing the video] Retake the video with a better camera, or submit the video to CSI Miami. They have the technology to read a licence plate reflected by a newt's eye on a photo taken by a ... Read More »

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How can i restore old videos to a higher quality?

You can't, unless you want to spend huge amounts of money.

Is it true that the higher the megapixels, the better the quality of the picture?

Nope. In fact, too many pixels on a small image sensor will actually generate more noise and worse image quality. There are other factors which are MUCH more important to image quality than the n... Read More »

Do higher megapixels in a camera generate better quality pictures?

not really, high mega pixel only benefit if you printer large size, if you a average user print small prints or like 4x6 you don't need more than 3 mega pixel in most case, if too high mega pixel m... Read More »

Is there a higher quality online video hosting site better than you tube?