Can someone just reply with a yes or no I am trying a new email orogram. thanks?

Answer im a positive person so i will say yes. oh wait, sorry, i was only supposed to say the word yes or no. i choose yes! : )

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If you reply to someone on Craigslist, do they see your email address?

If you have an ad and a buyer sends you an e-mail, replying once will NOT diminish your privacy. Replying twenty times will still maintain your privacy. The only way your e-mail address will be por... Read More »

Just a few Q's about someone trying to hack my Facebook (Just a bit long but pleeeease help)?

I think your best bet is to remove the hacked email account from ANY of your other sites, and change passwords on your accounts every week (sounds paranoid, but if someone went to all the work to h... Read More »

Will just one--any ONE Aussie reply with absolute and total--?

Don't know of any. Do know of quite a few Asian (Chinese, usually) kids doing that.

How can someone get a virus from just opening an email?

"I know of no email program that would automatically run any type of script hidden in the email."What? Have you ever hear of Microsoft Outlook? Until Microsoft patched the crap out of it over the y... Read More »