Can someone just reply with a yes or no I am trying a new email orogram. thanks?

Answer im a positive person so i will say yes. oh wait, sorry, i was only supposed to say the word yes or no. i choose yes! : )

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How to Reply to an Email?

Replying to an email is often your next step when following up with or communicating to the sender about a particular topic via email. Nearly every email provider or client allows you to reply to a... Read More »

Automated Email Reply?

The majority of email services offer customizable automated email replies. These are most commonly used to inform contacts of vacation time. For email users that receive an exceptionally large amou... Read More »

If you reply to someone on Craigslist, do they see your email address?

If you have an ad and a buyer sends you an e-mail, replying once will NOT diminish your privacy. Replying twenty times will still maintain your privacy. The only way your e-mail address will be por... Read More »

How do reply to an email on an iPod touch?

by login to your email and write back. on that the iPod is just like any computer