Can someone help me with these two negative scanners?

Answer You get what you pay for.

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Can someone help with all these pregnancy abbreviations!!?

I refer to this website a lot....…

Negative scanners that are mac compatible?

search on and http://newegg.complustek makes the most expensive in this realm. there is one that is a whole negative scanner mac.don't use anything but optical resol... Read More »

Help with dpi, scanners, and a photo?

You will need to downsize it equally or it will be too stretched vertically or horizontally. To fix the dpi, you will need to resample it with Photoshop or other software to get as close as possib... Read More »

Someone help me spot the difference in these pictures?

If I could I'd give you 10 points just for scaringme like that.I'm at my store, playing on laptopI screamed and scared a couple of customers.But it was truly funny