Can someone help me with these two negative scanners?

Answer You get what you pay for.

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Negative scanners that are mac compatible?

search on and http://newegg.complustek makes the most expensive in this realm. there is one that is a whole negative scanner mac.don't use anything but optical resol... Read More »

Which scanner can scan negative films so that i can convert negative of photos into digital version?

These types of scanner are called "film scanners" and you can find a list of them here:…If you don't want to shell out that amount of money for a specialt... Read More »

Can a hiv negative man marry a hiv positive woman and remain negative?

Is the last digit of a negative number negative?

A digit does not hold a value and therefore cannot be positive or negative. Only numbers can be positive or negative in math. A number is composed of digits. The term "digits" is usually a tool use... Read More »