Can someone help me with information on prosumer camcorders?

Answer To begin with, a prosumer camcorder will not be a "cinema-like production quality camera".A "cinema-like production quality camera" would be in the Panavision, CineAlta or Arriflex environment or m... Read More »

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Need Help With Prosumer Camcorder Settings. Quick!?

Good question. In my opinion, if the wedding is indoors, you will not need the neural density filter anyway. If you do have to use it, don't worry, it is very good on the GL2Regarding your question... Read More »

Someone is giving my personal information out on youtube..! please help! ?

1. you can contact youtube and notify them of the problem and they'll take down those vids they posted....or you can just kill her.:p

I cant get any information about this type of wine, someone help.?

LoL, this old gem of a question. You want to find a wine appraiser and pay him/her to evaluate the wine for you.

Digital Camcorders Optical Resolution and Megapixels Information?

Digital camcorders have become the standard in the consumer camcorder market, replacing analog tapes of the past. Digital Video, or DV, offers better quality than its predecessor, and is also far m... Read More »