Can someone help me with YouTube copyrights?

Answer First off, as long as you legally have bought the xbox and the game, yes. Many people get partnered from playing video games. Also, Same with the music. Buy it off of iTunes, and youtube will allow... Read More »

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;;Can someone help with this freecorder problem with youtube..?

before i was using software's like AVS4YOU, TVC etc.. but recently i am using online converter and down loader is easy to use than the software.

How do i avoid the music copyrights on youtube?

why would anyone want to watch a video of someone playing a fake instrument to someone elses music?

How did I infringe copyrights on this youtube video?

Copyrights are very tricky. People can be sued over this. After reading your question I found you have used spice girls song. By Spice girls if you mean the group of girls then you have in fact inf... Read More »

How to upload videos to YouTube without getting a copyrights notification?

Simple answer, only upload videos which you own or have the rights to upload.In terms of "acknowledge 3rd part content", it just notifies Youtube you have understood that this content isn't yours a... Read More »