Can someone help me romove a scene from a dvd?

Answer While DVD Shrink does have a re-authoring function, it's as basic as it gets. All you can do is eliminate various "extras' such as menus, trailers, ads, etc. For editing a scene from the movie, y... Read More »

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Please help, someone is stealing from my facebook...?

I'm not sure that it is "Illegal" what she did, but it is DEFIANTLY against facebook's policy. So you could try to contact facebook directly by using this email - Be sure to p... Read More »

How to Help Someone Recover From a Kidney Transplant?

A kidney transplant can be a life-altering event, so if you are the caretaker of such an individual, you will need to know the steps to help someone recover from a kidney transplant in order to hel... Read More »

Can someone help me know how to you print from Notepads?

Need more detail. What have you tried? Is your laptop not recognizing the printer? Are you trying wirelessly or direct connect? Did you load the correct driver? Do you have the correct cable? ... Read More »

How to Help Someone Suffering from Dissociative Amnesia?

Dissociative amnesia is a condition often triggered by trauma in a person's life. A person suffering from dissociative amnesia will forget important personal information about themselves and events... Read More »