Can someone help me here?

Answer If this is really important (and not harmful to anyone's property-especially the library's) why don't you speak with the librarian before you start downloading and ask for extra time. That way if ... Read More »

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Can someone help me here please?

Read the information on the link below.Alaska Airlines is allowing ONE carry-on at this time (you can take your pillow if it fits inside--but it'd be really silly to take your pillow (it's a short ... Read More »

Can someone help me out here... no idea what this is?

No way to know than to go to the doctor, hun.

Can someone be deported if their parents are here and siblings have been born here but they were not born here?

well for the first part if u were not born here then u have to give up your citzen ship in the other place and become a citzen there

If you have.. THICK HAIR or want to help someone who does.. CLICK HERE NOW! =]?

im a guy and i have pretty thick and kind of curly hair. i suggest getting a cameco (not sure if its spelt correctly). its a hair relaxation.