Can someone help me build my gaming rig?

Answer *Nvidia GTX 580 / or ATI 7950 (the 7950 is better but more expensive)*8GB of DDR3 RAM at 1333Mhz (get two 4GB sticks and place them in dual channel mode and not one 8GB stick for that will degrade ... Read More »

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Can someone please build me a really good gaming computer?

yes, use, and then post the permalink in Yahoo Answers as a question for improvement. Youcan choose to buy the parts and build it yourself, or go to ibuypower or, ... Read More »

Will you help me build my gaming computer?

Intel i5motherboard Asus p8z68-v pro Powersupply; 600 watts.Graphics 6770.The Speed of the RAM is important. Get 1666MHz or faster. Check what your motherboard and CPU will support first. 6GB is e... Read More »

Help: I want to build my own gaming and video editing computer?

I would check out and as well. Ive been seriously considering doing that myself. I would love to have a high performance desktop that I made from scratch for gaming. Good... Read More »

Gaming/Editing Desktop Build, please help with components.?

You certainly have a good computer setup going on. As you have a little amount remaining you can probably go with the i7 2600K as it better than the i5 2500K. The i7 2600K is just around 150$ costl... Read More »