Can Someone Help Me !!?

Answer Do you brush your gums frequently? It could be gingivitis, or something along those lines, especially if they burn or throb. Try examining them a bit closer, are they all red, or do they seem to ha... Read More »

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If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them?

Yes the ambulance does stop to help the person. and would call for another ambulance to go to first call. Ambulances still have to obey the rules of the road. If the ambulance keep goin they could ... Read More »

I am looking for help in getting my grand son out of the foster care system in Michigan Do you know someone who can help me?

With understanding. If this person is important to you, you might discuss it with them, or with a professional who could give you some insight into ways to handle your friend's swings.


Yelling in the title does not get you a good answer. A better approach is to put your question in the proper category, so that people with that kind of knowledge will see it.

Ok, i need some help with my camcorder, could someone help me, i'm very desperate to get this working!?

I'm surprised no-one has stated the obvious...According to your description, "Now, i have a port in my camcorder and on my computer like this:"...You have a mini-FW socket on your computer AND the ... Read More »