Can someone help Severe stomach pain after eating?

Answer 20 years old and a "healthy" weight of 98? Get to a doctor or Urgent Care ASAP!

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Severe stomach pain please help?

What was the last thing you ate? And are you throwing up at all? It could be a Mild bought of food poisoning and you just need to let it ride! out over the next 24-48hrs. If it is food poisoning th... Read More »

Clenching/Clicking jaw during sleep after infected wisdom tooth removal is causing severe pain. Help!?

For now, put a cold pack on it for 20 minutes at a time to reduce swelling.From your description, jumping up in sudden extreme pain, the clicking of your jaw may have pinched a nerve. Since it doe... Read More »

Can severe bloating and fullness in the stomach and ovary pain and dizziness be symptoms of pregnancy?

Foot pain after karate yesterday. someone help plz!!?

First of all, its possible you have seized up the muscle, try flexing it for a few minutes and if that doesnt work, rest your foot for a few days. If it hasnt gotten any better after a few days, v... Read More »