Can someone have 48 chromosomes?

Answer People may have 48 chromosomes if they suffer from 48,XXYY syndrome--caused by one extra X and one extra Y chromosome. People may also have 48 chromosomes if they are suffering from Klinefelter syn... Read More »

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How many chromosomes do donkeys have?

A donkey has a total of 62 chromosomes in its DNA. During reproduction, a male or jack donkey delivers 31 chromosomes from sperm to the embryo while a female contributes 31 chromosomes from the egg... Read More »

Do plant cells have chromosomes?

Plant cell do not have chromosomes; instead, they have autosomes, ribosomes, endosomes, lysosomes and peroxisomes. Other structures in a plant cell include the nucleus, the endoplasmic reticulum, g... Read More »

How many chromosomes do the sex cells of hamsters have?

The sex cells of a hamster have 22 chromosomes. These are called diploid chromosomes. When the two combine, there are 44 chromosomes total that make up the characteristics of a single hamster.Sou... Read More »

How many chromosomes does a cherry have?