Can someone hack into my computer through something I downloaded from them?

Answer Can someone hack into your computer after you downloaded a program they gave you? - yes, easily. (look up things like "ophcrack" "shovelling shell" "metasploit" ) Can they see your deleted pictur... Read More »

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Can I play minecraft on another persons computer, after I downloaded it on MY computer?

Minecraft can be played on any computer when you buy it. If it is saying your username/email/password is wrong then it is.

How to Hack a Computer?

Hacking a computer is a useful and, at times, important skill to pick up. Whether you need to access the account of an untrustworthy person, or a teenager you're worried about, hacking into a compu... Read More »

What does spyware do once it is downloaded on the computer?

Spyware does many malicious and annoying things. It can change an Internet browser's home page, steal personal information, record visited websites, produce pop-up ads, change system files, utilize... Read More »

How to Hack Into a Computer Without an Account?

For whatever reason you need to get access to a computer without an account, here is how.