Can someone go to jail for hitting a pregant women in the face?

Answer you can go to jail for hitting ANYONE in the face once you are over 18!

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Whats the stupidest reason someone has given for hitting you or nearly hitting you?

guy changed lanes on me & clipped me on the side.. he was in a turn right only lane.. I was going straight through the intersection traveling in the same direction.. & what he said.." I know its... Read More »

Hitting someone at a intersection!?

Pedestrians don't realize they have rules too - which means stop, check for traffic, and show the intention to cross the street. it would be there fault. In fact, just this year a skateboarder w... Read More »

TH Family : image of tom hitting the girl-_- +can someone explain whats gonna happen?

Man, he full out punched her! LMA- Er...what?'I mean, BAD Tom...BAD! *snicker*But really...I've been hit in the face many times...not by people...inanimate objects..BUT! My point heal! It ... Read More »

Can hitting someone from behind around the neck-shoulder area really knock them unconscious?

As far as we know, unconsciousness (being knocked out) is caused by trauma to the brain stem. There's a body-mind connection that gets re-set in a sense if it gets too chaotic in there. So yes, if ... Read More »