Can someone give me tips for wikipedia game.?

Answer Report them to the police. They shouldn't be beating you whilst playing the wikipedia game. Violence is, like, bad.

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Can someone create a Wikipedia account for me and give me the password too?

OK. Done it. The password is "346324262".

Tips for pranking someone who believes Wikipedia blindly?

Basically, just put in something fake but plausible.But do it using an account that has had a few minor edits, no serious reverts or blocks, and a few obviously true things added. Also, don't use a... Read More »

Can someone please give me some makeup tips?

Hey my girlfriend has a beauty channel and shes so good and can really help with beauty and how you wear your makeup, clothing and etc. She can really help, Check it out! If she can help you a subs... Read More »

Please can someone give me driving tips im a nervous wreck!?

Of course it's normal to feel nervous. Even those people tailgating you probably once felt nervous. Sod them.Just make sure (as I'm sure you remember from your driving lessons) not to get too close... Read More »