Can someone give me some info on this digital camera?

Answer This website I found has information and opinions from other buyers of the Camera

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Can someone give me the name of a good digital camera?

don't know about multiple choices, but I chose the Fuji Fine pix A700 for basically the same reasons you mention. It offers the simplicity of a box camera, but has 7.3 Mpix, takes AA batteries (I u... Read More »

Would you recommend this camera for someone starting to get into photography Difference between dslr&digital?

The camera and 18-55mm lens are a good starter kit. However, the 2nd. lens offered with the package you referenced is an older non-VR (Vibration Reduction) lens. With a 55-200mm lens VR is an impor... Read More »

Digital camera batteries info?

i use medium batteries.aa's ALWAYS LITHIUM ones.they last four times longer.

Anyone give me some info on husky?

The first Husky auto was 1976, the last 1988. The used to supply the Swedish military with a version, as well. I once had the pleasure of riding a friends 390 auto, and everything was peaches and c... Read More »