Can someone give me some good sites on party planning for 5 year olds?

Answer………Hope these help.

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What are some good party themes for 20-30 year olds?

depends on your type of ppl exactly. You can have a "rich" party where everyone dresses really richy and jeweled up, make and drink the most extravagant drinks and have fun extravagant hordeurves. ... Read More »

What are good ideas for a 3 year olds birthday party food?

Pizza, meatballs or roast beef in crock pot w/ sandwich rolls. side salad, veggies tray, chips and salsa, strombolli, fruit platter. I have had parties and make table w/ bagged kids for however ma... Read More »

What are sites that are like facebook but are safe for 11 or 12 year olds?

neopets.combut kids that age shouldn't have a social networking site, they're young, let them go play with other people. and i didn't get a myspace till i was a freshman in high school and i got a ... Read More »

Is this appropriate for a party favor at my 3 year olds b-day party?

I think its a wonderful idea. It isn't cruel!! And who ever said its a hassle for the parents to keep it alive, come on now, a gold fish needs only food and a change of water maybe once a week or... Read More »