Can someone give me instructions on how to replace my memory on my computer?

Answer Take a look at the Kingston Memory web site ( ). They have tools to help you identify the type of memory you need, sources, and video clips on installing the memory in your... Read More »

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How do you move pictures from digital camera memory to flash memory without using a computer?

Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?

How do you increase your memory(RAM) when it is low. I have added as much memory as my computer will take?

The only way to increase the speed would be to get someone to install a bigger RAM in the CPU. As in, the RAM you have now will be of a certain size (512 MB maybe) If you replace it (or sometimes y... Read More »

Can I replace PC-2100 memory with PC2-5300 memory?

You cannot replace PC-2100 memory with PC2-5300 memory. PC-2100 memory is DDR-SDRAM, while PC2-5200 memory is DDR2-SDRAM. The two memory types are incompatible, and the memory modules have notches ... Read More »