Can someone give me an idea for a story?

Answer I won't give you a story idea, because as a writer I believe it is important to come up with your own material, but I will give you advice.Stop trying to make up a story and think of a simple scena... Read More »

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Can someone give me a good idea for a party favor?

Tricky one as people tend not to keep party favors for life. I am thinking it might be a good idea to give them a reminder of the party, so take loads of pictures and make a collage or scrap book ... Read More »

Could someone please give me an idea of what is wrong with me?

Could someone give me a story to write a song about?

How about a girl who meets a person in a totally casual way, and doesn't pay much attention to them for a long while, and them something causes them to meet again, and they slowly become friends, b... Read More »

Give you the story of lagda epic story?

The epic story Lagda is mostly about Anabel Igcalinos finding true love.