Can someone give me a link to a completely free registry repair software?

Answer Windows has one built in; free ones just remove unused links. Regards, Bob.

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What is a good video recording software that is completely FREE?

Where to download a good FREE registry cleaning software (Full Version)?

I use this totally free registry cleaner and it works really well. It cost $0.00 Here is the link to that site:…I think I got so many thumbs down because ... Read More »

Please give me link to best free antispyware for windows 7 ultimate.thanks.?

Try Malwarebytes Antimalware, which is meant to run as well your AV. No offence to the other answers, but spybot and SAS are not in the same league

I need best virus software for free download give me any idia?

Hmm. I give two suggestions. I suggest them greatly. They are the best. They work together.#1 Malwarebytes Anti Malware - #2 Comodo Free Internet Security Plus - http://com... Read More »