Can someone give me a good website where i can find frequencies for a scanner?

Answer Try this site. I used it to get some scanner frequencies for my area.…

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Where do i find scanner frequencies for gibson county?

One used to be able to get them from Radio Shack. I don't know about these days.… for Gibson County, Indiana.… f... Read More »

Trying to find scanner frequencies for schuylkill county, pa.?

Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Radio Reference:…If this doesn't help, try searching the FCC Database at:…

Good website scanner?

Depends on what you're trying to find. The most accurate results in what area? What are your criteria?

What are the scanner frequencies for my area ?

Oddly, we do not know where you live!I found an online scanner which my friends all use now. I am going to pass it on to you.I am not affiliated with them, but I thought it could help you get polic... Read More »