Can someone explain why internet not lasting for a month?

Answer yes it rips all..:Pfor more updates on tech and internet see

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Explain the various techniqs for animation in multimedia also explain how a multimedia packeg to be desined foe awarenss use for internet?

Just because you stole it you aren't worth answering. Good day

AUSSIES- theres an OPTUS fusion plan [24 month] $99 a month , unlimited line-calls, 20 gig internet,

Rob and I were looking at that the other day....I think it's a great deal but I would look at the other providers first and see what their offering.

Please explain the difference between LAN, WAN, and the Internet.?

The three main types of networks by geographical area are:LAN - Local Area NetworkMAN - Metropolitan Area NetworkWAN - Wide Area Network(note: there are more such as 'CAN' - Campus Area Network)- L... Read More »

1.Explain the difference between the Internet and the Web?

They are not the same.The Internet is the physical network of interconnected computers, online devices and network infrastructure using the TCP over IP protocol. The Internet in a primitive form w... Read More »