Can someone explain to me what polenta tastes like?

Answer It's kind of tasteless and gritty!!It's kind of like cream of wheat!!you'll be ok if you don't eat it!!

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How to Cook Polenta?

Polenta is a healthy and tasty substitute for bread which is easy to make. If you are worried about your overall health or if you are watching your diet, you may want to opt for polenta.

How to Make Polenta?

This is how to make a very old Italian side dish as an alternative to pasta. It's also an egg-free substitute.

How to Make Polenta Crispy?

Polenta is an Italian staple dish 6wsisth its roots in Roman times. The name comes from the Latin word pulmentum, which was a nourishing porridge made from various grains and legumes, such as lenti... Read More »

How to Cook Vegetarian Polenta?

Cooks longing for the authentic tastes of Italy often serve polenta as a side dish or an appetizer to an Italian meal. Make homemade polenta by cooking water and Italian polenta flour. After making... Read More »